There are dozens of trails in Griffith park located in Los Angeles, CA. Today Mario, Leonard and I made up a loop that started and ended at the Fern Dell parking lot. This parking lot is big but as usual in LA you need to arrive early to get a good spot so we met up at 6:45am. Mario got there early and decided to get a head start on the trail so Leonard and I had to play catch up. After a mile or so we finally caught up with Mario and continued the hike.

First we went up western canyon, this crosses western canyon road after a mile and passes the Berlin forest. We then passed below the Captains Roost and Mt Hollywood and kept going past Dante’s View up the central part of the park.

From there we dropped down to Vista Del Valle Drive which is a paved street closed to traffic and passed by Bee Rock. We followed the road all the way to the Hogback trail and did the steep climb back up to Dante’s view. After a quick break we retraced our steps back to the car for a total of 7.5 miles!